Event Recap: Young Lawyers Leading – Today and Tomorrow

Event Recap: Young Lawyers Leading – Today and Tomorrow

This past Thursday, February 23rd, Philly Set Go (PSG) hosted a Young Lawyers fundraising and networking event. Philadelphia is known for its legal community, and it has a particularly robust group of millennial lawyers who are deeply engaged in civic life and are striving to make Philadelphia a better place for all of its residents. But did you know that lawyers are also prominent in the upcoming primary elections in May, and represent candidates for the district attorney race as well as judges of the Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court?


The Young Lawyers event featured presentations by PSG co-chair Matt Fontana, an attorney at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, and by host committee member Jennifer Tintenfass of Capstone Law. Both Matt and Jennifer highlighted the importance of millennial engagement, the significance of the Philadelphia legal community participating in and leading that effort, and the benefits that our city can realize if millennials throughout the city become more civically active and involved. The presenters also extolled the virtues of millennials running for public office and supporting other millennial candidates for office. Additionally, the audience asked a number of great questions about how to solve the problem of millennial disengagement, and how to effectively work to change some of the more problematic and entrenched aspects of Philadelphia politics.

A number of elected officials and political candidates attended and contributed at the event, including City Councilman Allan Domb (a PSG endorsed candidate when he ran for council), district attorney candidates Joe Khan and Rich Negrin, and several candidates and representatives of various judicial offices. In particular, Councilman Domb offered a brief explanation of the significance of millennials to the continued progress of Philadelphia and what the resulting impact in our communities could be if millennials committed to engage in local policy. After the programmatic portion of the event, attendees were able to network and exchange ideas to help one another push forward in various efforts to improve our great city.

Taken altogether, the event provided an opportunity for PSG to spread its message to Philadelphia’s young legal community and to offer a helping hand to others who are actively working to improve the city. The event will hopefully serve as a springboard to other community-building events where attendees can continue fostering the connections made and improving on some of the ideas and initiatives discussed.

As discussed at the event, if you support PSG’s mission, there are many ways that you can continue that support, including attending future events, helping to spread the message to friends and colleagues, or making a financial contribution. For more information on how to support the organization, please visit our website; engage with us through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or send us an email.

Stay tuned for PSG’s next event in April, which will provide an opportunity for Philadelphia’s millennials to interact with the candidates running to be Philadelphia’s next district attorney.