Things To Do, See, Eat, Drink During #DemsInPhilly

Things To Do, See, Eat, Drink During #DemsInPhilly

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia officially kicks off today. We at Philly Set Go, Philadelphia’s first millennial political action committee, have spent many years experiencing all the amazing things Philadelphia has to offer. For some of us, Philly-ness has been with us our entire lifetime. Below, four of our board members give their recommendations on some things to do, see, eat, and drink if you are visiting Philadelphia for the convention (or even if you live here year-round!).


Kevin Brown, Board Member

1. Something to do: Visit the Rodin Museum. The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Barnes Foundation garner the most attention -- after all, they are treasures that you should visit if you can. But try to make time for the Rodin Museum. It's a gem: an intimate space offering the largest public collection of Auguste Rodin's work outside of Paris.

2. Something to see: Look up and admire our murals. The Mural Arts Program is the nation's largest public art program. The murals inspire and transform public spaces.

3. Something to eat/drink: Eat authentic Mexican. Philadelphia is home to a thriving Mexican community. This community adds vibrancy to our city, and fortunately for us, has added many excellent restaurants to our food scene. Some local favorites are: South Philly Barbacoa, Blue Corn, Quetzally, Rosario's Pizzeria & Restaurant, Cafe Ynez, and Taquitos de Puebla.

Gabriela Guaracao, Board Member

1. Something to do: Philly is very fitness friendly! Go on a run with City Fit Girls, try a Flywheel class, or lace up your sneaks and run by some Revolutionary War era residences in Society Hill and Washington Square!

2. Something to see: Travel up and down Broad Street. Philadelphia is diverse and much more than just Center City. Get to know Philly by traveling up and down one of Philadelphia's largest arteries. From North Broad Street's African-American, Puerto Rican, Korean, and Colombian communities to South Broad Street's Italian, Irish, Vietnamese, and Mexican communities –– get to know Philly and its rich cultural fabric!

3. Something to eat/drink: Philadelphia is one of the best major food cities in the U.S., and Wm. Mulherin's Sons in Fishtown tops most "best of" lists including my own. Stop in for a Sister Francis and a pizza, and walk it off by spending some time in Philadelphia's "coolest new 'hood." My other Philly favorite? Travel a few miles north to Olney and you'll find one of the city's best bakeries with a Colombian flair. Have some warm coconut bread and real empanadas –– not that puff pastry stuff some restaurants try to pass off as authentic –– and you're transported to tropical heaven. 

Joe Sirbak, Board Member

1. Something to do: Grab your running shoes or pick up a bike at any Indego station and hit the Schuylkill River Trail (along the Schuylkill River between South Street and the Art Museum) first thing in the morning to see our city on the move.

2. Something to see: Don’t forget bathing suits for the kids and head to Dilworth Park (west side of City Hall) and Sister Cities Park (just 3 blocks up the Parkway). These amazing public spaces have been reinvigorated in recent years to provide hours of fun for kids and tasty treats for the adults. And yes, it’s safe to pick and eat the blueberries growing at Sister Cities Park.

3. ​Something to eat/drink: Philly is home to a world class vegetarian and vegan restaurant scene. Splurge at Vedge, check out the latest creations at Charlie Was a Sinner, V Street, and Bar Bombón, or snag some takeout at Su Xing House or HipCityVeg.  For a late night chocolaty indulgence, pay a visit to René at Rim Café (9th and Federal).

Nolan Tully, Board Member

1. Something to do: Spruce Street Harbor Park, located at 301 S. Christopher Columbus Boulevard, offers something for everyone. There is a beer garden, a “floating restaurant,” hammocks and games like shuffleboard and ping pong. Some of the top restaurants in Philadelphia also have outposts in the Park, including Federal Donuts, the Garces Group, and Franklin Fountain. If you have kids, they will enjoy the games, the water fountains, and the food options (including ice cream). Plus, it’s conveniently located just a short walk from Old City, a very short bike, cab, or Uber ride from anywhere in the Center City area, or from the heart of the convention in South Philadelphia. The Park is open until 11 pm on Sunday-Thursday and until 1 am on Friday and Saturday.    

2. Something to see: Given how much will be going on in Center City Philadelphia during the convention, locals and visitors alike might appreciate a recommendation that will take them away from the hustle and bustle. Wissahickon Valley Park offers some serenity for those looking to escape for a couple hours. Just a 15-30 minute drive from Center City (depending on traffic), the park offers a 4.5 mile dirt path (called Forbidden Drive) that is perfect for biking, walking, jogging or just finding a nice spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors.  Also, given that Forbidden Drive cuts through a valley next to Wissahickon Creek, it is also substantially cooler in the park during the heat of the summer. You can also get a meal at Valley Green Inn, which is beautifully located right on the creek.

3. Something to eat/drink: In this category, I have to promote the restaurants in Southwest Center City/Graduate Hospital, which is my neighborhood. During the convention, many of the restaurants in Center City will be difficult to get into, but there are plenty of great options just a short walk away. First, at 23rd and South Street, visit Grace Tavern, located in “The Triangle.”  Grace is a great bar/restaurant with a really cool neighborhood feel and, for my money, the best burger in the City.  Stop by The Igloo next door for some ice cream after dinner. Going further south down 22nd Street, Sidecar is located at 22nd and Christian and Los Camarades is at 22nd and Carpenter. Both offer good food, great beer and cocktail lists, and a friendly environment.