The midterm results are in. Now what?

The midterm results are in. Now what?

All right, Philly. We came. We canvassed. We voted.

And (for the most part) the results from the 2018 midterm elections are in, and with them, a number of historic firsts.

Those firsts included an unprecedented number of female candidates, first-time candidates and LGBT candidates for office. A record one-third of the candidates running for the House were women of color, and a record number of women overall were running for office in 2018. Women have never held more than 20% of congressional seats - that is, until now.

And we, as voters, also made history nationwide. More than 47 percent of the voting-eligible population cast a ballot in the midterm elections on Tuesday. At a glance, that statistic might seem mediocre, but for a U.S. midterm election, it's remarkable (compare that with just 36.7 percent in 2014, and 41 percent in 2010). In fact, that's the highest turnout for a midterm since 1966, when 49 percent of the population turned out to vote.

In Pennsylvania four years ago, overall turnout was about 41 percent; on Tuesday, that rose to about 57 percent. Here in Philly, we went from 34 percent participation in 2014 to 51 percent in 2018.

Locally, here’s what went down:

  1. Pennsylvania Governor Wolf won reelection, defeating Scott Wagner.
  2. In the Senate, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey defeated challenger Lou Barletta to represent Pennsylvania.
  3. Philly voters approved $181 million in spending for capital projects around the city.
  4. On a night when Democrats took back control of the U.S. House, the 18 House seats in Pennsylvania were won evenly between Democrats and Republicans.
  5. Women won four of the U.S. House seats in Pennsylvania, breaking up what had been an all-male delegation.

Plus, all three of Philly Set Go’s endorsed candidates who won their primary races also won their midterm races:

  1. Malcolm Kenyatta (D), 181st Legislative District
  2. Elizabeth Fiedler (D), 184th Legislative District
  3. Andrew Lewis (R), 105th Legislative District.

So, what next? The midterms may be over, but the real work is only just beginning. Keep up the momentum and stay involved:

  1. Get to know your new representatives - and make sure they know - and hear - you. Despite how it can often feel, our elected officials work for us. We pay their salaries with our taxes, and we hire them with our votes. At Philly Set Go, we believe that it’s time to support candidates that represent not only the values of millennials, but the critical values that are essential to our governing process - and hold them accountable if they do not embrace the values that make our communities better.
  2. Volunteer to engage your peers in local politics and advocate for issues that matter to you. Coming up: Interested in our Dinner & Dialogue with State Rep Pam DeLissio in the 194th on November 29? Contact us to learn how you can get involved.
  3. Donate to our Crowdpac campaign to support #BetterPolitics. Every $10 donated helps us get 3 millennials to the polls on election day.