Primary 2018: Philly Set Go Endorsed

Primary 2018: Philly Set Go Endorsed

Philadelphia — Philly Set Go, the first millennial PAC in Pennsylvania, announces its endorsements of four candidates for state legislature. Millennials, an age demographic roughly between 22-37, across Philadelphia want ethical, transparent, and effective local and state governance but too many of our elected officials champion partisanship, demagoguery, and the interest of a narrow few over the public good.

Philly Set Go was created because we believe millennials can help change that reality and drive better politics. As millennials approach a majority of the electorate in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, we can be the decisive demographic for change. We, millennials, expect real solutions to the education, job growth, and income inequity issues that plague Philadelphia and Pennsylvania; we believe good governance—not partisanship—must be the defining characteristic of our politics; and we insist that those given the public trust serve the public, not themselves. To achieve the City and Commonwealth we deserve, we need candidates for elected office who embody these principles.

Philly Set Go is excited to endorse the following candidates for the May primary because they share our principles and will be excellent representatives for their districts. Maggie Borski, 177th Legislative District; Malcolm Kenyatta, 181st Legislative District; Elizabeth Fiedler, 184th Legislative District; and Andrew Lewis, 105th Legislative District.

Maggie BorskiMaggie is a product of Northeast Philadelphia. As a graduate of two PA public universities —Bloomsburg University and Temple: Beasley School of Law — Maggie knows the importance of a strong public education system. Maggie is a tireless advocate for improving education in the Commonwealth and using education as a tool to combat income inequity.

Malcolm KenyattaMalcolm has established himself as a committed, fearless community leader. A third-generation North Philadelphian and a civic and community advocate, he is committed to creating positive outcomes in his neighborhood and city. Malcolm believes in the promise of every person and works to remove barriers to progress for struggling communities.

Elizabeth FiedlerElizabeth is a powerful example of active citizenship. As a journalist, she held our elected officials accountable; as a candidate, she is committed to providing effective solutions for her South Philadelphia community, including supporting economic development and improving public education. Elizabeth understands that politics as usual leaves her South Philadelphia district behind. She will bring new ideas and resolve to Harrisburg.

Andrew Lewis — Andrew is Philly Set Go’s inaugural Liberty Lands Initiative candidate. "Liberty lands" was a term used by William Penn to describe land outside Philadelphia’s central land grid. While Andrew’s district lies outside of Philadelphia, his bipartisan approach to governance makes him an important voice in improving our Commonwealth. As a businessman and civic leader, Andrew has always focused on increasing job opportunities and enhancing Pennsylvania’s competitiveness. He will bring a great, refreshing perspective to Harrisburg.

Our Process— Philly Set Go’s endorsement processes involves interviewing candidates in Philadelphia, as well as select candidates outside of Philadelphia, that have made millennial engagement a priority to gauge the candidates’ responsiveness and willingness to champion the critical issues facing millennials in Harrisburg. This endorsement style allows Philly Set Go to assess the candidates in conditions that mirror constituent services.

Philly Set Go –– Ethical leadership, smarter government, and better politics driven by millennials. Bipartisan. Since 2015. #betterpolitics.

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