Board Member Profile Series: September Edition

Board Member Profile Series: September Edition

Starting this month, Philly Set Go will profile three board members each month who make bring their time, energy, and perspective to make our work possible.

In September, we are profiling Christina Wong, Will Herzog, and Joe Sirbak.

Christina Wong
Vice President, ESM Productions
Other organizations
Board Member of the Young Professionals Council of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia University Board of Trustees, Thomas Jefferson University Academic Board, Philadelphia Works Board
Where is the best water ice?
Michael's Water Ice in Roxborough.
Where is the best cheesesteak?
Steve's Prince of Steaks on the Boulevard.
What is the biggest challenge facing millennials in the City of Philadelphia?
When most people think of Millennials, they think of young people staring at their phones who don't work hard and waste money on happy hours. Being a millennial refers to an entire generation that is based on age, not a type of person or a lifestyle. Many millennials in the City of Philadelphia are living in poverty. Many millennials in Philadelphia are in jail. Many millennials are single parents making minimum wage. Millennials across Philadelphia have so many different types of needs and challenges, and the perception is that a Millennial is just one type of person.
Why did you join the board of Philly Set Go?
Millennials are the largest voting demographic, yet they show up the least on Election Day. I want to help make a difference in my community. I want to help get Millennials registered and to the polls throughout the entire City of Philadelphia so our elected officials can accurately represent our needs. Young people will vote more if they feel connected and invested in their community, and I'd like to try and help make that happen. Philly Set Go has been a great place to get started. It is truly a nonpartisan/bipartisan group. I love having civil, educated conversations with people who have different points of view than I.

Will Herzog
Student at Haverford College
Other organizations
Executive Chair, SEPTA Youth Advisory Council; Fellow Representative to the Board of Directors, The Roothbert Fund; College Executive Board, QuestBridge; Student Researcher at Mural Arts Philadelphia.
What is your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia?
EAT (Everyone at the Table) Cafe in Powelton. A non-profit, pay-what-you-can restaurant— not only is the food exceptional— but the space unites community within a neighborhood undergoing drastic change.
What is your favorite Philly summertime activity?
Biking on the Schuylkill River Trail. It allows me to acclimate myself with my city and reflect on the moment and where we're headed.
What is the biggest challenge facing the City of Philadelphia?
The opportunity divide. If all Philadelphians don't have the chance to participate in this moment of investment, it threatens to uproot our entire city and every institution supporting it.
Why should millennials get engaged in politics?
Civic participation should be regarded by millennials as nothing short of obligatory. Unfortunately, it isn't. Our communities are a reflection of our institutions, and we are gifted with the incredible privilege to ensure they evolve and prosper.

Joe Sirbak
Attorney, Cozen O’Connor
Other organizations
Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children
What is your favorite neighborhood in Philadelphia?
Logan Square, an everyone-knows-your-name ‘hood in the heart of Center City.
What is your favorite park in Philadelphia?
Morris Park, Cobbs Creek’s well-tended neighbor.
Where is the best cheesesteak?
Cheesesteaks? Try the roast pork at Tony Luke’s.
What is the biggest challenge facing the City of Philadelphia?
Washing away the metaphorical crud that holds our City back while preserving the authenticity that Philadelphians, old and new, cherish.
What does Philly Set Go mean to you?
In an era of take-no-prisoners partisanship, PSG is proudly open-minded and focused on promoting smart, effective candidates and policies, regardless of where they come from.