Post-Election Update and Board Member Profile Series: November Edition

Post-Election Update and Board Member Profile Series: November Edition

Following the recent general election, Philly Set Go is excited to see overall voter turnout up 8% since the 2013 DA/Controller election (12% in 2013; 20% in 2017), and we remain firmly committed to seeing to it that turnout continues to increase in subsequent elections.

Help ensure millennials make it to the polls in 2018 by making a contribution to our CrowdPAC campaign.

What does Philly Set Go mean to our board members? In November, we are profiling Gabriela Guaracao and Wade Albert as part of our Board Member Profile Series.




Gabriela Guaracao

Founder/CEO, Americae

Other organizations
Board Member of the Board of Overseers of Einstein Healthcare Network, Board Member of Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY), Chairwoman and co-founder of Philly Set Go.

What is your favorite neighborhood in Philadelphia?
We have so many great neighborhoods! Philadelphia truly is the city of neighborhoods — each one providing a different flavor and slice of brotherly and sisterly love. When you’re in Olney or Castor Gardens (or the other neighborhoods throughout the city), you really feel such a beautiful diversity of cultures; African-American, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Irish, Italian, Russian communities all together creating a beautiful business and social fabric. A similar fabric is sprinkled throughout South Philly, Fishtown, Kensington, and other neighborhoods in Philadelphia. 

What is Philadelphia’s strongest asset?
Our grit—we’re tough people! Another asset is our close location to and in between New York and Washington DC. Between the two cities, we’re like Goldilocks and the Three Bears—we’re "just right."

Why should you donate to Philly Set Go’s crowdfunding campaign?
Donating to Philly Set Go means you get to directly influence millennial voter turnout. Donating to a candidate is great! But they have limited resources and don’t always get to focus on millennials. This is especially true of local and statewide candidates who have very limited resources and have to turn their attention to demographics that have a higher ROI on election day (read: older age groups and not millennials). We are working to support candidates in specific districts and ensure people in our age group in those districts get to the polls. Your donation can make that happen.


Wade Albert
Attorney, Sobol & Sobol, P.C.
Other Organizations
Center City Residents' Association (President), Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club (Endorsement Committee Chair and Board Member), Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition (Delegate)
What is your favorite restaurant in the city?
Right now, probably Rooster Soup Company. The food is great, and all net proceeds support the Broad Street Ministry.
What is your favorite SEPTA route?
The Route 26, which runs from Frankford Transportation Center to Germantown. I have fond memories riding it every day as a teenager to and from high school. 

What is Philadelphia’s strongest asset?

Hands down, Philadelphia's strongest asset is its people. Everywhere I turn, I find folks with amazing energy and drive who work hard for themselves, their families, and the community. Not only are we scrappy — but we also understand that we are in this together.

Why should millennials get engaged in politics?
Because politics is power. We have the ability to set the agenda and get things done — but we have to be engaged. If we raise our voices, officials will listen. If we vote, officials will act.