Philly Set Go’s Primary Party: Celebrating Millennial Voter Turnout

Philly Set Go’s Primary Party: Celebrating Millennial Voter Turnout

On April 20th, over 60 millennials gathered with Philly Set Go’s endorsed candidates to bring attention to and celebrate the importance of millennial voter turnout for the PA primary –– which is TOMORROW, April 26th

Attendees had an opportunity to mingle with the endorsed candidates, learn how they could volunteer on Election Day, and got the chance to talk with some special guests. Including the endorsed candidates, special guests also included Councilman Curtis Jones Jr., State Representative Jason Dawkins, and City Commissioner Al Schmidt.

Each of our four endorsed candidates, Ben Waxman, Morgan Cephas, Sean Sullivan, and Jared Solomon embody the millennial driven, ethical, and serious leadership that Philly Set Go was founded to promote and support.  


Left: Guests enjoy the event. Right: Ben Waxman, Morgan Cephas, Sean Sullivan.

The endorsed candidates spoke passionately about why they are running and the importance of millennials taking control of our collective future. How? By voting.

1. Ben reminded us that the crisis in public education is a moral challenge that demands immediate attention.

2. Morgan’s stories about growing up in her district and seeing her neighbors’ struggles highlighted the need for city wide economic opportunity.

3. Sean explained why and how he will be champion for ethical and transparent governance.

4. Jared Solomon’s surrogate, Alex Lipton, highlighted Jared’s commitment to improving Philadelphia –– particularly the community he lives in. Jared could not attend due to a down to the wire campaign emergency.

Now it’s up to YOU, the VOTER.  The importance of voting has been said many times and many different ways. It’s time to just do it.  There are many races up for election tomorrow, including for president, Congress, and state legislature. Our endorsed candidates are all running for state legislature. 

Government can play a constructive role in fostering a more prosperous, equitable, and ethical society, or it can continue to underperform and hold us back.  Whether you’re concerned about improving our public education system, job growth, income inequity, poverty, or taxes –– vote tomorrow!

Live in Center City? There's a likely chance you live in the 182nd or the 175th legislative districts.

-- Pay attention! --

In the 182nd legislative district, make sure to vote for Ben Waxman. (His district roughly covers Rittenhouse Square, some Graduate Hospital, some Washington Square, some Fairmount, and the Italian Market. Click on the link for a district map.)

In the 175th legislative district, make sure to vote for Sean Sullivan. (His district includes parts of Old City, Chinatown, Queen Village and Kensington. Click on the link for a district map.)

Live in the Northeast or Overbrook? See below.

If you live in the 192nd legislative district, make sure to vote for Morgan Cephas. (Her district includes Overbrook, Wynnefield, Haddington, Carroll Park, Overbrook Park, and Overbrook Farms. Click on the link for a district map.)

If you live in the 202nd legislative district, make sure to vote for Jared Solomon. (His district includes Castor Gardens, Oxford Circle, Wissinoming, Burholme, Lawncrest, Lawndale, and Summerdale. Click on the link for a district map.)

Irresponsible and unavailable elected officials abound –– kept in office by voter apathy –– but our endorsed candidates are champions of good governance and will be the public servants Philadelphia needs in Harrisburg. 

Polls will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM tomorrow. Click here to locate your polling place using the VoterApp on the City Commissioner's website. 

Philly Set Go thanks you for your continued support. And, a big thanks to the new faces who attended our event! Vote!