Philly Set Go Endorses Slate of Candidates for City Council

Philly Set Go Endorses Slate of Candidates for City Council

Millennials want ethical, transparent, and effective local and state governance that seriously addresses the issues that affect you, including education, job growth and poverty.  Our elected officials too often fail to provide competent and ethical leadership, instead resorting to partisan bickering or standing for established interests. Philly Set Go was created to challenge that reality.  We believe that Philadelphia deserves stronger, more ethical, and more effective governance and that millennials are poised to be the generation to realize that change. 

Philly Set Go is endorsing the following candidates for the May primary because they support our vision: Justin DiBerardinis, Democratic Candidate for Council-At-Large; Isaiah Thomas, Democratic Candidate for Council-At-Large, Katherine Gilmore Richardson, Democratic Candidate for Council-At-Large, Eryn Santamoor, Democratic Candidate for Council-At-Large, Allan Domb, Democratic Candidate for Council-At-Large, Lauren Vidas, Democratic Candidate for the 2nd District Council and Jamie Gauthier, Democratic Candidate for the 3rd District Council.  Philly Set Go is extremely proud to be supporting such a diverse, talented and civically committed slate of candidates.  

With respect to Council-At-Large, Philly Set Go’s endorsed candidates each represent the type of solutions oriented, good government approach that the organization was created to support.  Isaiah Thomas is a proven community leader whose campaign is committed to ensuring that zip code does not determine destiny in Philadelphia.  Eryn Santamoor understands the importance of a transparent and responsive governance and her experience in pioneering Philadelphia’s creation of Philly311 and PhillyStat proves she can deliver results.  Justin DiBerardinis has a vision of a fairer, greener Philadelphia and he has the policy proposals to reduce poverty and encourage sustainability.  Katherine Gilmore Richardson has the experience to get things done in City Council—and it is about time Philadelphia’s millennials can count one of their own amongst its members.  

Finally, Philly Set Go is very proud to re-endorse Councilman Allan Domb.  Councilman Domb has worked tirelessly to improve vocational and financial literacy training in our public schools, improve job growth in Philadelphia and reduce poverty.  He has also led important good-governance reforms, including proposing term limits for City Council members. 

In addition to City Council-At-Large, Philly Set Go is equally proud to be supporting two District Council Candidates.  Lauren Vidas has the vision and experience to lead the 2nd District.  Lauren’s campaign has established a vision for the district that emphasizes smart and equitable development coupled with good government reforms like abolishing councilmanic prerogative.  Jamie Gauthier believes it is time for a new voice to represent a new generation.  Jamie has a clear vision for the 3rd District that seeks to address gentrification, encourage job growth and improve access to quality education. 

 Our Process— Philly Set Go began its process by asking its constituents, Philadelphia millennials, about the issues most important to them and the candidates they felt would be most responsive to millennial concerns. With this information, Philly Set Go reached out to selected democratic and republican candidates to gauge the candidates’ responsiveness, policy positions on the critical issues facing millennials, and willingness to engage Philadelphia millennials. This dynamic endorsement process allows Philly Set Go to assess the candidates in conditions that mirrored the challenges of dealing with constituent concerns.