Who We Are

A bipartisan, Philadelphia-based PAC reminding millennials of their political power to ensure that local and state governments address issues that directly impact our communities ethically and effectively. 

What We’ve Done

  • Hosted high turnout forums and public events on local and state political issues.
  • Engaged with our endorsed candidates, from both sides of the aisle, to take legislative action on issues that impact Philadelphia’s diverse millennial population;
  • Advocated for education, job growth, electoral reform and social and civic fairness in City Hall and Harrisburg;
  • Activated millennials to become more politically active through through phone banking, donating, canvassing and attending political events.

Summary of our Successes

  • Successfully endorsed 9, predominantly millennial, candidates for State House and City Council;
  • Hosted a millennial-focused District Attorney debate featuring all candidates, including the eventual winner D.A. Larry Krasner;
  • Connected citizens across the Greater Philadelphia Area to their elected officials through our unique “Dinner and Dialogue” series. 
  • Founding member of “Open Primaries PA”

Candidates We've Endorsed

  • Isaiah Thomas, 2019 Council-at-large (won)
  • Katherine Gilmore-Richardson, 2019 Council-at-Large (won)
  • Jamie Gauthier, 2019 3rd Councilmanic District (won) 
  • Lauren Vidas, 2019 Council-at-Large 
  • Eryn Santamoor, 2019 Council-at-Large
  • Justin DiBerardinis, 2019 Council-at-Large
  • Jared Solomon, 2016 and 2018, 202nd State House District (won twice)
  • Liz Fiedler, 2018 184th State House District (won)
  • Malcolm Kenyatta, 2018 181st State House District (won)
  • Andrew Lewis, 2018 105th State House District (won)
  • Maggie Borski, 2018 177th State House District
  • Morgan Cephas, 2016 192nd State House District (won)
  • Ben Waxman, 2016 182nd State House District
  • Allan Domb, 2015 Council-at-Large (won)
  • Doug Oliver, 2015 Mayor

Legislation We've Supported

  • PA Senate Bill 300: This bill opens up PA’s closed primary process to allow independent and unaffiliated voters to participate in either the Democratic or Republican primary.  This bill would open up the primary process to 302,941 registered voters, approximately 21% of which are millennial or younger. 
  • The Philadelphia Platform: A suite of legislation designed to combat intergenerational poverty throughout Philadelphia by focusing on four key areas (1) improving workforce development; (2) developing commercial corridors; (3) criminal justice and public safety reform; and (4) improving Philadelphia’s export infrastructure. 
  • PA House Bill 564 (2017): mandating schools to test students for civic knowledge by the end of the 12th grade.  PA is one of 9 states with such a requirement. 
  • Fighting Chance Act (2018): A House bill sponsored by two PSG candidates, Andrew Lewis and Malcolm Kenyatta, that seeks to cut government red tape and reform the criminal justice system by require state agencies overseeing occupational licenses to cut “red-tape” by 25% and remove barriers to job entry for individuals released from jail. 
  • Sweeny/Levy Plan: A bipartisan constitutional amendment effort to make Philadelphia more economically competitive by giving the City the authority to increase real estate taxes on commercial property while lowering, at a commensurate rate, wage and business taxes.