Millennials, Philadelphia is Ours to Shape

Millennials, Philadelphia is Ours to Shape

For too long Philadelphia and Pennsylvania politics have been left to the stewardship of the Old Guard, a group that has continually and consistently failed to promote the interests of millennials. Sadly, it’s mostly our fault. 

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We live in an era of intense civic discourse, yet only 12% of registered Philadelphia millennial voters voted in the 2015 mayoral primary. Millennials are technologically advanced, socially conscious, and, most critically, better educated and more mobile than any prior generation. Yet, we have allowed ourselves to become politically marginalized through our failure to be vocal in local political arenas and vote so that politicians are competent, accountable, and ethical. Millennials (21-35) in Philadelphia are one of the largest age groups, yet our voice is meek and muted. Millennials in Philadelphia are the largest bloc of registered voters, yet we are the least likely age group to vote. Philly Set Go was founded to change that. 

Philly Set Go is Philadelphia’s first millennial political action committee and we are determined to increase millennial engagement with local government in addition to advancing and promoting millennial interests at the state and local level in a bipartisan manner.  Philly Set Go endeavors to advocate for millennial issues including education, job growth, poverty, and urban development.  However, we cannot do this alone. 

Millennials, we must take ownership of our shared community and civic future. It is imperative that we ensure that our politicians understand, promote, and advocate for issues that enhance and improve the lives of not only millennials but also of those of future generations. But, in order to do this, we need your help.

Philly Set Go seeks to support local and state candidates through effective advocacy and financial support. We employ a bipartisan approach to identify strong candidates who will work toward a better future for the City of Philadelphia and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

We encourage you to consider making a donation, no matter how small or large, to Philly Set Go and become a meaningful participant in shaping our city and our future. 

Philadelphia is ours to shape and our failure to do so is our own.

As Philadelphia continues to grow into a premier, world class city –– our city needs our political engagement. Our future, your future, commands it.




Image Source: Perry Milou