Liberty Lands Initiative: Reaching Beyond our City Borders

Liberty Lands Initiative: Reaching Beyond our City Borders

As Philly Set Go works to usher in smarter governance and better politics for Philadelphia, we understand our city's role as Pennsylvania’s leading economic engine.

Just as we ask our state government in Harrisburg to understand that Philadelphia issues are commonwealth issues, we recognize that commonwealth issues are ultimately Philadelphia issues when voters reach the ballot box.

That’s why we’ve launched our Liberty Lands Initiative (LLI). Named in homage to William Penn’s original designation for land surrounding the city proper, LLI reaches beyond our city borders to support candidates that will help us achieve collective success.

A Liberty Lands Initiative candidate supports the type of policy and bipartisanship that allows millennials and urban economies in Pennsylvania, like Philadelphia, to thrive.

We look for candidates that are:

  1. Committed to PA cities: Startlingly, more millennials are leaving PA than staying. But the ones that are staying are choosing to reside in our cities, whether that be Philadelphia or Reading, Harrisburg, Bethlehem, or Lancaster. An LLI candidate recognizes the value of our cities to their districts -- no matter where spatially they represent -- and seek to create a better future for all Pennsylvanians.
  2. Coalition Builders: We can’t send our Philadelphia delegation to Harrisburg alone. They need a strong team of allies and partners, especially across the aisle, to support them along the way. Breaking the partisanship and gridlock means fresh politicians, and we’re excited to support this statewide.

Want to help us identify future LLI candidates? Email us at [email protected] to get started.