Five Reasons Millennials Should Vote In the DA’s Race (And Attend Philadelphia’s only millennial-focused Town Hall during this race.)

Five Reasons Millennials Should Vote In the DA’s Race (And Attend Philadelphia’s only millennial-focused Town Hall during this race.)

You’ve read it on this blog many times—millennials don’t vote.  More precisely, millennials don’t vote in non-presidential elections.  In the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections millennial turnout hovered around 60%, while in the 2015 local election (including for mayor and city council), millennial turnout was an anemic 12%.  This matters because local and state elections have a huge impact on our daily lives—and the future of our City and Commonwealth.


Will this low millennial voter turnout continue?  The first test is this year’s race to determine who will replace Seth Williams as our next District Attorney.  Whether our City’s chief prosecutor will be selected by super voters, or by the hundreds of thousands of registered voters—the majority of whom are millennials—is up to you, the voter.

Millennials are the largest registered voter bloc in Philadelphia but we vote the least. Will you feel compelled this year to change that?

Here are five reasons why Philly Set Go thinks you should get out and vote for our next District Attorney (and attend our town hall to learn about the candidates on April 12):

  1. The DA is Philadelphia’s chief prosecutor supervising an office of over 600 attorneys, detectives and support staff; overseeing a budget of 32 million dollars; and handling about 75,000 criminal cases a year ranging from minor offenses to sexual assaults and murders.
  2. The DA helps set policy on important criminal and social justice issues, including bail reform, civil asset forfeiture, the death penalty, sentencing reform, strategies to reduce violent crimes, and plans to reduce Philadelphia’s opioid crisis.
  3. The DA sets the City’s prosecution strategy—determining what types of crimes or offenders the office will focus its resources.
  4. The incumbent DA is not runningwhich means change is coming. What kind of change would you like to see?
  5. The eight candidates running have diverse and wide-ranging backgrounds, from career prosecutors to a life-long criminal defense attorney—meaning you have real choices and an unprecedented opportunity to determine which candidate best represents your views.

All eight District Attorney candidates will be participating in #DAforPHL, Philly Set Go’s Millennial Town Hall on Wednesday, April 12 from 6-8 p.m. at Plays and Players Theater. This event is your opportunity to learn about what each candidate would do if he or she were entrusted with the great responsibility of being Philadelphia’s chief prosecutor. It’s also a chance for you to ask the candidates questions.  

 ***Sign up here to attend and submit a question.***

Remember, we get the government we deserve. The primary is May 16. Vote, make sure you’re informed. 

Find out more about the candidates here.