Philly Set Go Endorses 4 Candidates for Primary

Philly Set Go Endorses 4 Candidates for Primary

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Philadelphia — Philly Set Go, the first millennial PAC in Philadelphia, announces its endorsements of four candidates for state legislature.


Millennials want ethical, transparent, and effective local and state governance that seriously addresses the issues that impact us. Our elected officials too often fail to provide competent and ethical leadership; they too often exclude and trivialize millennial engagement in favor of partisanship or established interests.

Philly Set Go was created to challenge that reality. Founded in 2015 as a bipartisan PAC, we are focused on galvanizing millennials furthered involvement in state and local politics, advocating on behalf of Philadelphia millennials on issues of common concern such as K-12 education, job growth, and quality of life, and supporting candidates and elected officials who address these millennial concerns seriously, effectively, and ethically.

Philly Set Go is endorsing the following candidates for the April primary because they share our vision and will be excellent representatives for their districts. Jared Solomon, Democratic Candidate, 202nd Legislative District; Ben Waxman, Democratic Candidate, 182nd Legislative District; Morgan Cephas, Democratic Candidate 192nd Legislative District; and Sean Sullivan, Democratic Candidate 175th Legislative District.

Jared Solomon — A lifetime resident of his district, he is committed to improving his community and Philadelphia. Seeing his neighborhood struggle, Jared refused to give up on his community. He founded a non-profit organization focused on addressing the quality of life issues that challenged his neighbors. Jared is eager to take this approach to Harrisburg; his district needs a champion like him. His district includes Castor Gardens, Oxford Circle, Wissinoming, Burholme, Lawncrest, Lawndale, and Summerdale.

Ben Waxman — Ben is the model of millennial engagement. Ben has been a passionate civic and political leader for over a decade and wants to bring that passion and leadership to Harrisburg. Additionally, Ben is committed to providing practical solutions to improve Philadelphia’s public schools. His policy proposals on the issue exemplify this pragmatic approach. The futures of millennials in Philadelphia depend on improved public education and our schools need a leader like Ben. His district roughly covers Rittenhouse Square, some Graduate Hospital, some Washington Square, some Fairmount, and the Italian Market.

Morgan Cephas — Morgan is leading a millennial-driven and millennial-focused campaign in a district with one of the city’s larger millennial populations. Morgan is committed to bringing renewed economic development and opportunity to her West Philadelphia community. Morgan understands that politics as usual has too often left her district behind. Morgan will bring new ideas and resolve to Harrisburg. Her district includes Overbrook, Wynnefield, Haddington, Carroll Park, Overbrook Park, and Overbrook Farms.

Sean Sullivan –– Sean is a powerful advocate for fair and transparent government. Sean recognizes that Pennsylvania’s old-fashioned election rules, including closed primaries, often depresses millennial turnout.  Sean’s commitment to engaging millennials and willingness to fight for ethical government will make him the ultimate advocate for his district. His focus on ethics and transparency will be a welcome change in Harrisburg. His district includes parts of Old City, Chinatown, Queen Village and Kensington.

Our Process— Philly Set Go began its process by asking its constituents, Philadelphia millennials, about the issues most important to them and the candidates they felt would be most responsive to millennial concerns. We reached out to all Philadelphia Democrat and Republican millennial-aged candidates, as well as other candidates that have made millennial engagement a priority, and gauged the candidates’ responsiveness, policy positions on the critical issues facing millennials, and willingness to champion millennials in Harrisburg. This dynamic endorsement process allowed Philly Set Go to assess the candidates in conditions that mirrored the challenges of dealing with constituent concerns. This spring, we are only endorsing candidates in competitive primaries representing Philadelphia districts in Harrisburg.  As no Republicans are facing challengers in the primaries, we will consider endorsing Republican candidates prior to the general election in the fall.


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This release was edited on April 4, 2016 at 12:08 p.m. to clarify that we reached out to all millennial-aged Democratic and Republican candidates in addition to a few other candidates, and interviewed all of those that responded. 11 candidates responded to our request and 11 candidates were interviewed.