Philly Set Go endorses Rich Negrin, Beth Grossman for District Attorney

Philly Set Go endorses Rich Negrin, Beth Grossman for District Attorney

Founded in 2015, Philly Set Go’s mission is to organize millennials in every neighborhood in Philadelphia—regardless of party—to become active participants in state and local politics.  For too long, the self-interest of elected officials, rather than the shared interests of Philadelphians, has dominated city politics.  With 348,000+ registered millennials (18-34) in Philadelphia—the largest registered voter demographic in the city—millennials can change that reality and be the constituency for ethical, effective, and efficient government.

As part of our mission, Philly Set Go, a bipartisan political action committee, endorses candidates for local and state offices that support our agenda and want to work with us to help achieve the City and Commonwealth that our families and communities deserve. 


For the upcoming May 16 primary, Philly Set Go is proud to endorse Rich Negrin for Democratic candidate for District Attorney and Beth Grossman for Republican candidate for District Attorney. Philly Set Go believes these candidates are best because of their integrity, experience, and demonstrable commitment to improving our criminal justice system while addressing the real problems that disproportionately affect Philadelphia millennials—gun violence, substance abuse, and a justice system that too many millennials come in contact with too young, causing lifelong consequences. 

Rich Negrin


“Rich is the type of District Attorney Philadelphia, and Philadelphia millennials, should support—earnest, effective, and experienced.”


Rich’s campaign prioritizes issues that disproportionately affect, and are important to, millennials, including gun violence, drug abuse, and reform of our justice system.  Rich has substantive and serious policy responses to these issues such as cracking down on illegal gun sales, addressing substance abuse as a health problem—not just a criminal issue—and embracing a community-focused justice system that emphasizes creating positive law enforcement/community interactions. 

As a victim of gun violence, and a Latino who has experienced the strained relationship that can develop between minority communities and the police, Rich has the perspective and background to build trust between the police, the District Attorney’s office, and all of our communities. 

Rich’s endorsement by leading community figures such as State Representative Donna Bullock, Otis Bullock Esq., Anton Moore, and Eddie Lopez, and several policing organizations including the Fraternal Order of Police, National Black Police Officer’s Association, and the Guardian Civic League evidence his ability to build a broad and diverse coalition––including building relationships with and addressing the concerns of diverse communities––necessary to be a successful District Attorney.  

Finally, Rich has a proven record of working to improve Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and engaging Philadelphia millennials through his work as the city's managing director. Rich spearheaded the City of Philadelphia’s first formal effort to more deeply engage millennials in local government; and, as the administrator for Philly Rising, fought to improve communities most affected by chronic crime and blight. 

Rich is the type of District Attorney Philadelphia, and Philadelphia millennials, should support—earnest, effective, and experienced.


Beth Grossman


“Beth embodies integrity and trustworthiness––a centerpiece of her campaign is restoring integrity to the District Attorney’s office."


Yes, Beth is running unopposed but she is an experienced and compelling candidate who should not be ignored.

Beth embodies integrity and trustworthiness––a centerpiece of Beth’s campaign is restoring integrity to the District Attorney’s office.  Beth is running as a Republican because she is disgusted by the endemic corruption in Philadelphia’s Democratic party.  Beth felt—rightly so—that the near absolute power wielded by the City’s Democratic politicians created a culture of corruption that valued the personal privilege of the elected official over the needs of the community. Beth’s campaign is about reminding Philadelphians that there is an alternative to the Democratic Party; whatever your affiliation, competitive general elections are critical for transparent, effective, and ethical government. 

Beth also has the experience and policy expertise to be an effective District Attorney. Beth spent over two decades in the District Attorney’s office, working in the trial, juvenile, law, narcotics, and investigation divisions before serving as the chief of Public Nuisance task force. Beth understands that for too many millennials, particularly in Philadelphia’s minority neighborhoods, the dominant interactions with the judicial system are negative. She wants to change that and emphasized to Philly Set Go the importance of community involvement and trust building between the police, District Attorney’s office, and citizens. Additionally, Beth wants to aggressively tackle the drug and opioid crisis with a multifaceted public health approach.

Beth represents an urban Republican that can be successful in reminding Philadelphians there is an alternative to being a one party town.


Election Day is May 16. Remember, we get the city we deserve. Millennials are the future of Philadelphia and it is time for us to decide who should lead it. We are the largest registered voter demographic in Philadelphia yet we have the lowest voter turnout. On May 16 make sure to change that. VOTE! 

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Our Process— Philly Set Go reached out to all Philadelphia Democrat and Republican candidates in the District Attorney race. Our board had phone calls with seven of the eight candidates (one candidate did not respond to our request for a call) to gauge the candidates’ responsiveness and policy positions. This dynamic endorsement process allowed Philly Set Go to assess the candidates in conditions that mirrored the challenges of dealing with constituent concerns. All Philly Set Go endorsements require 75% support by our bipartisan board. Click here for a listing of our board members