Senate Bill 1: What You Need to Know

An issue that will impact all millennials is one that our age cohort is not talking about; the burden that we will face as our state and city pension systems go further into debt. Fortunately, Harrisburg took an important first step in attempting to solve the statewide problem by passing Senate Bill 1 which was passed by the House and the Senate with bipartisan support and signed by Governor Wolf last week. Important for Philly Set Go readers to note that all but two of the nay votes came from Philadelphia County in the Senate, Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Scott Wagner was the lone Republican to vote no, saying it didn’t go far enough.


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The Kids Are Alright: Millennial Turnout in the 2017 Primary Election in Philadelphia

There was a sense that something was “different” about the 2017 Primary for District Attorney and City Controller in Philadelphia. Sure, overall turnout nearly doubled from 9% in the 2013 Primary to 17% in the 2017 Primary. That in itself is significant because it marks the highest turnout for that election cycle since 2001. It doesn’t, however, answer the question of WHO turned out. So, we started digging through the data and what we found was remarkable.


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Dinner and Dialogue, Jordan Harris

On April 27, Philly Set Go launched the first of a series of “Dinner and Dialogue” meetings that Philly Set Go is hosting to bring together millennials, elected officials and community leaders in various neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia.  The purpose is to foster conversations and relationships, and exchange ideas for a better Philadelphia for all Philadelphians.  The first one featured State Representative Jordan Harris, who represents Pennsylvania’s 186th Legislative District and serves as the Chair of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus.  The 186th stretches from Passyunk Avenue in the South to Lombard on the north end, and then from Broad Street on the east to the Schuylkill River on the west, with the exception of a small chunk of Kingsessing west of the river.  Principally, the district covers the neighborhoods of Graduate Hospital, Point Breeze, Newbold, Gray’s Ferry and Kingsessing, with a small sliver of Center City on the Northern boundary of the district.  


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