Board Member Profile Series: September Edition

Starting this month, Philly Set Go will profile three board members each month who make bring their time, energy, and perspective to make our work possible.

In September, we are profiling Christina Wong, Will Herzog, and Joe Sirbak.

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Dinner and Dialogue, Jared Solomon

Philly Set Go launched "Dinner and Dialogue” with the purpose of bringing millennials together with elected officials and community leaders in various neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia.  These dinners have been a wonderful exchange of relationships and ideas for a better Philadelphia for all Philadelphians.

Our second “Dinner and Dialogue” was held recently with PA State Representative Jared Solomon, who represents the 202nd Legislative District. A handful of his volunteers and constituents, and residents of varying ages, joined us for dinner at the Country Club Diner (author’s note: the milkshakes were delicious).


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Fed up? Speak up.

It isn’t news. As Americans, our overall opinion of the federal government isn’t exactly stellar and hasn’t been for decades. Perhaps that’s why more than half of us believe ordinary citizens could do the job better than our current elected officials (and to that, we say, run for office!)

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