Tarbell will reveal who runs America, in Philadelphia’s backyard.

The refrain that politics are “broken” or “rigged” has become almost cliche, with nearly everyone believing it but no one identifying what is broken or who broke it. Tarbell, a new media outlet based right here in Philadelphia, is on a mission to show you what exactly is rigged and who is doing the rigging.


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Post-Election Update and Board Member Profile Series: November Edition

Following the recent general election, Philly Set Go is excited to see overall voter turnout up 8% since the 2013 DA/Controller election (12% in 2013; 20% in 2017), and we remain firmly committed to seeing to it that turnout continues to increase in subsequent elections.

Help ensure millennials make it to the polls in 2018 by making a contribution to our CrowdPAC campaign.

What does Philly Set Go mean to our board members? In November, we are profiling Gabriela Guaracao and Wade Albert as part of our Board Member Profile Series.



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The November 2017 Municipal Election: What You Need to Know

November 7th is Election Day. Did you know that already? Do you plan to vote? Sadly, if you are a millennial, your answers to these important questions are most likely “no.” If that's the case, hopefully this post can change your mind.


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