Bridging the Gap with #BetterPolitics

As a bi-partisan organization in an era marked by hyper-partisanship, Philly Set Go is often challenged to justify how we can support candidates from both parties when it appears that the space between Democrats and Republican has widened from a crack to a crater.  Our answer is values. Values are a critical, and often unheralded part, of our political process and an essential component to our system of government. This isn’t about interest group-driven “values” that are so often used to bludgeon an opponent, or “values” that become  wedges further dividing the electorate. It’s about “governing values”—transparency, ethics, compromise and listening—which are essential to passing sound legislation that improves our lives and strengthens our communities.

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History Testing

There has been a recent development in Pennsylvania education, which is both exciting and intimidating for myself as a History Teacher.

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2018 Primary Election Round-Up

With Pennsylvania’s 2018 primary election in the books, there is a lot to be excited about, especially for millennials. Several first-time candidates, with new ideas and fresh energy, were victorious on May 15 and will be looking to earn elected candidacy during the general election on November 6. Even more, 75% of Philly Set Go’s endorsed candidates won their primary races for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, all of which are millennials.


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