Philly Set Go Endorses Candidates for City Commissioner

Philly Set Go is endorsing Kahlil Williams for City Commissioner (D) and Al Schmidt for City Commissioner (R) because both candidates have the experience, knowledge and commitment to ethically, competently and effectively manage the most important part of our civic life—voting.

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Why Philly Set Go Backs Senate Bill 300

If 21% of an entire demographic is barred from participating in primary elections, can we truly define the process as fair, accessible, and democratic?

We don’t think so. It’s why last month, we submitted a written testimony in support of Senate Bill 300.

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Philly Set Go Endorses Slate of Candidates for City Council

Millennials want ethical, transparent, and effective local and state governance that seriously addresses the issues that affect you, including education, job growth and poverty.  Our elected officials too often fail to provide competent and ethical leadership, instead resorting to partisan bickering or standing for established interests. Philly Set Go was created to challenge that reality.  We believe that Philadelphia deserves stronger, more ethical, and more effective governance and that millennials are poised to be the generation to realize that change. 

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