Breakfast at Parc is Only the Beginning

On January 20th, 50 millennials gathered with one of Philadelphia's most prominent leaders, Governor Ed Rendell, to have breakfast and discuss the impact Philadelphia's 300,000 registered millennials voters could make on state and local politics. The spirited discussion that followed, at Parc Restaurant, one of Philadelphia's iconic restaurants, touched on a wide array of critically important topics. They included public education, the importance of compromise in politics, and a more uniquely Philly conversation piece — the Eagles' new head coach. 
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Banning Students is Bad for Philadelphia

Behind its innocuous title, City Council Bill No. 150649 could have major consequences for students under the age of 23 who want to live in and around Rittenhouse Square.  The current version of the bill will banhousing, not owner-occupied, for students” in the area between 17th and 21st Street, Walnut to Spruce. 


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The Latent Power Of Millennials in Philadelphia Politics

The exponential growth rate of millennials in Philadelphia is well known.  Translating this fantastic growth into electoral muscle, however, has proven elusive.  Nonetheless, if millennials get organized and vote, we have the potential to have a huge impact on state and local politics.  

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