The Controller Race: What You Need to Know

For many Philadelphians, the Office of the Philadelphia Controller seems obscure. The Controller is an elected position, but its elections are held in off-off-years; most of the other elected Philadelphia officials sit in City Hall, while the Controller sits two thirds of the way up the Municipal Services Building. Even inside the city government, the Controller’s office is isolated, mandated by auditing standards to be independent, and working across and with other departments typically only happens during audits. The job of the Controller is mostly out of sight as well; financial and contract oversight are complex topics that deal in process and detail and simply are not as visible as other municipal services.


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Candidates Take Center Stage at #DAforPHL

For additional event information you can head over to Generocity for additional town hall coverage or view the video of the event thanks to PhillyCAM. Also, you can follow #DAforPHL to see the stream of tweets during the event. Our guests were active!


In a period of political upheaval and significant renewed political engagement–particularly among the millennial demographic – Philadelphia will hold primary elections on May 16 for its District Attorney (DA), Controller and various judgeships.  To leverage that enthusiasm, Philly Set Go hosted a millennial-focused town hall on April 12 featuring all eight of the Philadelphia DA candidates before a packed millennial audience at Plays and Players Theater in Center City.


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Philly Set Go teams up with Community Legal Services for District Attorney Town Hall

It’s often said that young people are our future. But youth like Tanya, whose story you’ll read below, need tailored support in order to thrive. And you have the opportunity to make a difference for more people like Tanya. Raise your voice, learn about the platforms of our city’s candidates for District Attorney and attend our Millennial Town Hall. All proceeds benefit Community Legal Services (CLS), which helped Tanya and so many other Philadelphia youth and families turn their lives around.


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