One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. - Plato

     As millennials, we have lived through the social, economic and political consequences of the failure of our elected representatives to embrace the values that are critical to making government work.  At Philly Set Go, we believe that it is time to support candidates that represent not only the values of millennials, but the critical values that are essential to our governing process.

     That's why we will only support candidates that embrace and represent the following six core values:   

    1.  Listening, especially to those we may disagree with;

    2.  Embracing diversity, including diversity of opinions and political affiliations;

    3.  Educating and advocating for the solutions that best serve our City and Commonwealth;

    4.  Approaching government in an ethical and transparent manner; and 

    5.  Supporting compromise because the perfect should never be the enemy of the good.

     We believe that candidates who represent these values will be more effective at developing cogent and successful solutions to our City’s and Commonwealth’s challenges.  The challenges that Philly Set Go believes most urgently need addressed are:

    1.    Strengthening and Fully Funding Philadelphia’s and Pennsylvania’s Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Education Systems;

    2.    Reforming Our Electoral System and Legislative Process to Make it More Open, Transparent and Accessible;

    3.    Investing in Our Communities, Workers and Families to Grow Philadelphia’s and Pennsylvania’s Economy and Reduce Income Inequity. 

    4.    Standing for Social Fairness.

    Be sure to check out our Facebook page, Twitter and Blog to learn more about the specific policies and proposals Philly Set Go is championing and the candidates and elected officials that we are supporting.  

    The time for #betterpolitics is now.