2016 and Thank You

2016 and Thank You

From our newsletter sent December 24, 2016. Not on our listserv? Join here.

Thank you, thank you! That's a special note to you, our followers and supporters. 2016 has been a great growing year for us, we've learned a ton and experienced some fantastic successes. These things couldn't have come about without you.

Some snaps from 2016:


We hosted our last event of 2016 this week and WOW was it awesome. Our first Urban Salon was made special in part by the engaging discussion led by Tom Wyatt and the crowd of concerned and engaged citizens. “This is a model for what is possible," said Tom Wyatt, "entrepreneurship, innovation, taking something broken and turning it into something new.” 

Thank you to our loyal followers, new supporters, members of the press, candidates for elected office, and elected officials that were in attendance. 

Missed the event? Get the 411.

"When we come together as a community to share knowledge and raise our voices, we can inform and energize more voters and even change the outcome of an election." Thank you for making 2016 a year to remember.

Happy holidays and cheers to a prosperous new year!

With gratitude and joy,

-Philly Set Go