Unite millennials (ages 21-­35) who live in the city of Philadelphia, regardless of political affiliation, to demand that local and state government address issues important to millennials ethically, seriously, and effectively. Advocate for millennials on the economic and taxation, entrepreneurial, educational and quality of life issues that affect our personal interests and shared urban community. Empower millennials to impact their communities and through increased electoral participation, civic awareness and political engagement.  The core of our mission is to provide financial and voter-turnout support to candidates who promote and advance our agenda. Our agenda is made up of the issues that matter most to millennials living in Philadelphia and whether they will make Philadelphia their permanent home. Philly Set Go is bipartisan and is a political action committee organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

What we will do:

1. Hold candidates and elected officials accountable for the promises they make, the policies they pledge to implement and the duties they swear to perform. 

2. Report on important political news from City Hall and Harrisburg.  Philly Set Go will make sure it participates in everything from mayoral debates to City Council meetings.

3. Advocate for millennials in local and state government to make sure our interests are protected and advanced.

4. Support millennial aged candidates that champion the issues we care about.  These candidates need our support and millennial interests will not be fully represented until millennials win elections.  

5. Get out the vote. Voting is still the most powerful tool in a citizen’s arsenal.