Philly Set Go teams up with Community Legal Services for District Attorney Town Hall

It’s often said that young people are our future. But youth like Tanya, whose story you’ll read below, need tailored support in order to thrive. And you have the opportunity to make a difference for more people like Tanya. Raise your voice, learn about the platforms of our city’s candidates for District Attorney and attend our Millennial Town Hall. All proceeds benefit Community Legal Services (CLS), which helped Tanya and so many other Philadelphia youth and families turn their lives around.


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Five Reasons Millennials Should Vote In the DA’s Race (And Attend Philadelphia’s only millennial-focused Town Hall during this race.)

You’ve read it on this blog many times—millennials don’t vote.  More precisely, millennials don’t vote in non-presidential elections.  In the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections millennial turnout hovered around 60%, while in the 2015 local election (including for mayor and city council), millennial turnout was an anemic 12%.  This matters because local and state elections have a huge impact on our daily lives—and the future of our City and Commonwealth.


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The Casting of Lots

“A coffee can is not hackable.”- City Commissioner Al Schmidt

Commissioner Schmidt’s sentiment was tried-and-true this Coffee Can Day as candidates for city-level offices drew their ballot positions following a decades-old Philly tradition: An old coffee can. Plastic, numbered balls. And luck of the draw.

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